I love my Grammy's membership. I receive it every week and it is Christmas when I read my mails. Ok I don't open my mails every daybut Sundays I think about it and I am happy I know I'll have an update and it is too cool :D.  The tubes are too cute. The incredimail letters are too fun. Thank you very much to accept me. It is a real pleasure to be a member.

I'm totally happy to be a member of Grammy Creative Garden.
If you are looking for the same as mehere is the place for you.
Here we have weekly updates and the material is of excellent quality.
Not to mention the price is phenomenal!
Thank you for being the person you are Susan (Grammy).
Verinha Cordeiro

I just recently joined Grammy's Creative Garden but it's one of the best pixel memberships I've been a part of.  Updates are sent out weekly filled with wonderful tubes and IM letters that make each Sunday a joy to open my email. Her website is well organized and has so many resources to use for graphics that it's a veritable treasure trove of riches. Why waitjoin today!

I have been a member for Grammys for a wee bit and love alll the goodies I find
In my mailbox each week. Love it all.I would highly recommend Grammys Creative
Garden membership to anyone. You will love love love it!
Jelly of Funny Bunny Pixels
I love Grammy's membership. I always try to renew when I can do it because the updates are always fantastic. Thank you Susan for this site!!...Is fantastic be one of your members.

Grammy's Creative Garden is a great group.  I love the reliability of having fun tubes and lines delivered to my inbox each week.
 Go ahead and joinyou won't be disappointed.

HiI have always been a very happy  Grammy member.
I have enjoyed very much the weekly updates.
Has given me many great tubes to create with.
Thank you for being there.


Grammy's is one of the best deals around.

Every single week there is an update. Lot's of fun stuff to play with here.

You won't be disappointed with a membership to Grammy's.




Dear fellow Pixel Lover,

I have been a member of Grammys Creative Garden for a little over a year now and I just had to renew my subscription for the second time. I will never forget when I came across this website there was just something that compelled me to join. I am so happy and grateful that without knowing anything about Grammy’s Creative Garden that I took a chance and joined. Unlike many of my other membership out there these days Grammy’s is the most up to date and current. She updates her site each and every week with the cutest pixel tubes, pixel lines, stats, make tag siggies, word art, web set headers. Not only does she do that, but every few months or so she has some type of special going on where she gives away more goodies. Right now is the Advent season and she has been flooding our mailboxes with the most awesome treats including tubes calendar for our desktops just to name a few. She is the most generous of the generous pixel sites and for the price of membership you really cannot go wrong. Our Grammy’s is a hidden gem in the pixel community so if you love collect tons of pixel tubes signatures, IM stats or anything pixel join Grammy’s Creative Garden, not only will you be getting all of that but our Grammy is one of the nicest and sweetest people I ever met in my life.

I remember and still know the feeling of taking a chance on a pixel site and being very disappointed and left with the feeling of being ripped off, with joining groups that just have very shady business practices. But trust me when I tell you there is no need to worry about Grammy’s Creative Garden for as long as I know her she has been consistently good and on time with her updates, even when she has tons of things going on in her personal life, she will not let it interfere with her members satisfaction. You don’t need to worry about her up and quitting too like so many sites do without any notice, she is her for the long hall, and I vouch for her.

Yours Truly,

Lisa Marie 


As a new member to Grammy's Creative Garden I have to say that I am so glad I joined!  Not only are her prices overly reasonable especially for someone with a limited budget like myself but she offers so much to her members.  She loves to hear our feedback and always tries her very best to accommodate us and find things she knows we want to see.
    I feel like she gets to know each and every one of us as people and not just someone who subscribes to her group. I have collected so many goodies and wonderful extra's since I've been here.
Thanks so much Susan for your continued generosity to your Members. Love ya lots!


If you are considering a new membership then Grammy's Creative Garden is the place to be. Susan (Grammy) updates once a week without fail.

Her IM letters are the cutest and I'm a big fan. I'll definitely be renewing my membership.

So give yourself a gift and join GCG....you won't be disappointed.




Grammy your site is so wonderful and colorful! So many things to choose from!

Updates are always amazing and a lot to choose from. I am so happy with my membership!

You are terrific. I also love that you are so wonderful to your members.

Always there to help if we need it no matter what it is for.

Thank you very much for all you do! 


Hugs, Tammy Jean




I am so very happy with my membership, it's way more than I expected. So much fun stuff to do.

Even though money is tough and times are hard, I just felt I had to join so I could see what everyone was talking about and I am more than happy with my membership.

I love Grammy and her site. They both make me happy. Not only is the site awesome, but so is she.

Thank you so much Grammy for all that you do.

Huge Hugs, Jeannine http://pixelluv.net


Grammy's site is just like what you expect coming to visit your Grammy.

It's filled with lovely goodies that make you smile and feel right at home.

Lots of adorable tags and beautifully colored tubes are waiting for you inside. 

There are plenty of updates and always something new to explore.

I love being a member here. Thank you Grammy.




If you would love to join a site that is updated every week.

Than Grammy site is for you and you wont be disappointed.

I truly love my membership I have at Grammy and I know you will too.

She is a lovely Grammy online always willing to help ya.

I love being apart of her family online.

That's why she is called Grammy.

We love you Grammy-

Hugs jano 



I have to say since being with you grammy
you have did a wonderful job in keeping the
site updated.
and you have so many wonderful graphics.
HuG From Dawn/nanawsplace.com


I am totally enjoying all of the adorable tags
and stats you are creating for us!
I totally love all the new tubes!
You are doing a marvelous job!