Terms Of Use
I reserve the right to change and modify these terms
***Your site MUST have the protective scripts in place***
This protects me, my memberships and yourself
Failure to have the codes in place will get your membership suspended!
***You do not have to have a site to join but if You Do, a Members Logo must be added with a clickable link back to Grammys Creative Garden Within 5 days of receiving the notice that your membership request was approved.
If you don't have it added your membership will be revoked until it is added to your site a Members page is fine.
When I do logo checks if your logo is not displayed then your membership will be suspended until you have your membership logo displayed and linked properly.

*** If you and another person share a site then you are both required to purchase a membership and license***
***You may NEVER share your login Information with anyone. (I do check IP addresses) If you do you will be removed from Grammys Creative Garden members area And NO refund will be given. If you are caught sharing graphics through sharing groups your membership will be terminated.***
***I reserve the right to deny anyone membership.***
*** Membership not transferable ***

***No refund will be given in anyway once you Your membership payment is accepted.***

***My images are not to be passed through Emails groups such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo etc.***

you may add photos, calendars to the wallpapers
you may not recolor or otherwise alter the original wallpaper

Do not alter the tubes meaning cut or delete parts of them. Unless stated otherwise by me. Right click and save to your own hard drive, NO direct linking You will be banned if you do with no refund given.
You must add something more than Text to the tubes to make it your own creation. You may sell your creations as websets, Sig tags, premades or whatever else you make. Just please be sure you link them back to Grammys Creative Garden.
You can NOT make lineart or retube the tubes at Grammys Creative Garden.
*** Lines ***
***You may only Tube my lines if you have a Tube License. You may NOT claim my lines, share or post my lines as they are....you MUST color them first.
I have
Lots of purchaseware in my members area and some sites require that you use a specific logo when using these lines.......You MUST use this logo and follow their terms as well as mine.
*** Commercial License ***
*** Commercial license can only be used on outlines created by me and my tubes created with my own outlines ***
*** All commercial sites must have a commercial license***
A commercial license is required for scrapping sites, patterns, embroidery, stenciling, stamping, Adding graphics to a CD for selling, etc...

***I also reserve the right to change the TOU as I See fit.***
 *** Sigs ***
Make only for self. If you make for others your membership will be terminated.

Most of all have fun in your creating .
If you have any questions what-so-ever please ask. You can email me from the contact button on the home page.
Thank you for taking the  time to read my terms.

 updated 6/26/2014